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Lessons in schools

To travel to the country of the language you want to learn is very good for your motivation and gives excellent results.

French course in Nice: Specialized in the teaching of French as a foreign language (FLE), our school is amongst the most reputed on the Côte d'Azur. More than 2500 students, representing almost 40 nationalities, choose to come here each year to learn French.

Language school in Spain: Spanish language school in Alicante, Enforex, Spain. Courses for adults and for students. City of the Spanish Levant, Alicante has a magnificent location on the shores of the Costa Blanca, dazzling with light. The school has different courses and many accommodation and leisure opportunities.

Learn Bulgarian

Bulgarian lessons with the Mastylo Language School.


Free Language

Discover the best free and commercial resources, lessons and courses for learning loads of foreign languages online. Learn about and compare social language learning networks, podcasts, videos, mp3s, news, blogs and more. Save yourself valuable time - we've already done the research for you!

Looking for a penpal?

That page is about language exchange an the main differences with similar pages is that they have a fresh database with people around the world, they provide information about language exchange meetings, interesting maps, videos about languages and the possibility for the user to interact with the others through facebook and the blog. It is here => Language exchange