Александр Сергеевич Пушкин - Я вас любил Share

Pushkin's farewell to the see, Ilya Repin and Ivan Aïvazovski (1877).

Here is a poem you can learn, any Russian you'll meet knows this one, they learned it at school. There is no title to this poem, as a result, we use the first verse as a title.

I advise you to listen to it, if you don't understand something, you can read the translations.

Version russe (originale)

Я вас любил : любовь еще, быть может,
В душе моей угасла не совсем;
Но пусть она вас больше не тревожит;
Я не хочу печалить вас ничем.
Я вас любил безмолвно, безнадежно,
То робостью, то ревностью томим;
Я вас любил так искренно, так нежно,
Как дай вам бог любимой быть другим.

The best in a poem is when you listen to it. Олег Погудин decided to sing it:

And here is a more classical version:

English version

It is always hard to translate a poem, it is not enough to give the meaning, it needs to sound good too, that's why I proposed two translations :

Translated by Genia GurarieTranslated by Dr. Daniel Feeback

I loved you, and I probably still do,
And for a while the feeling may remain...
But let my love no longer trouble you,
I do not wish to cause you any pain.
I loved you; and the hopelessness I knew,
The jealousy, the shyness - though in vain -
Made up a love so tender and so true
As may God grant you to be loved again

I loved you once; perhaps I should exclaim,
My love still lingers deep within my core.
But I do not want to cause you any pain,
So grieve thee not for me a moment more.
Silently and hopelessly I loved you,
Tormented, I was too jealous and too shy.
May God provide another who will love you,
Just as gently and as fervently as I.